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Managing conflicts of interest doesn't have to be a burden on your team

Managing conflicts of interest in healthcare is vital to ensuring compliance, but that doesn't mean it needs to be an overwhelming, time-consuming process.

We understand that your staff didn't join healthcare because they have a passion for paperwork. They have a passion for people, and more importantly, improving the health of the people they care for. Let HealthStream help your organization automate a manual and labor-intensive process to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and allow your staff to spend more time on what matters the most - your patients.
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The only conflict of interest tool focused solely on healthcare

HealthStream’s conflict of interest management software is the only COI system fully integrated with CMS Open Payments Data. It is also the only conflict of interest tool available on the market that is solely focused on healthcare. Having direct insight into the CMS data eliminates the timely process of manually searching individual users and provides visibility into industry payments made by your staff. With the support of this enhanced conflict of interest tool, your organization can automate a manual process to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and allow your staff to spend more time on what matters most – your patients.

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Leverage HealthStream’s Conflict of Interest tool to:


Protect your organization

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Avoid fines and litigation

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Save time and streamline your COI management process




Conflict of Interest

Easy and Efficient

  • AWS hosted and available 24/7 with minimal need for IT involvement
  • Escalation to individuals or groups of individuals with one button
  • Simple user interface to facilitate response rates

Automated Disclosure Management

  • Customizable audit trail of all COI communications
  • Templates for management plans with complete audit trail
  • Pre-population of prior year responses to streamline the user experience
  • Automated workflow identifies responses with no disclosures
  • Automated assignment of reviewers
  • Schedule reminder notifications in advance to facilitate compliance

Disclosure Questionnaires

  • Role-based surveys - Address different audiences on a single questionnaire
  • Ability to drill-down and ask related questions, using built-in logic tree
  • Multiple answer types: radio buttons, check boxes, pre-defined lists, text, date, and numeric
  • Ability for respondents to upload documentation to support disclosure

Data Analytics

  • Comprehensive reporting includes validation, disclosure, aging, and more
  • Dashboards provide key metrics within workflow
  • Identify and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Interface with CMS Open Payments data

We needed a sophisticated and comprehensive tool for streamlining COI processes that would also be simple to learn and use. So, it was important for us to partner with a vendor that offered a proven solution and track record.

Ron George

Retired Chief Compliance Officer

Henry Ford Health System

Acting with integrity is a core value of your organization

In today’s healthcare landscape, the assurance of a conflict-free environment has never been more important, and increasing oversight and regulation require a thorough COI management approach. Developed specifically for healthcare organizations, HealthStream’s conflict of interest management software streamlines the entire COI process with efficient collection of disclosures, automation of the identification process for potential conflicts of interest, and customizable workflows.

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As a healthcare leader, are you?

  • Worried about your organization’s risk, reputation and vulnerability?
  • Concerned about fines, negative press, and costly litigations?
  • Restless about ever-changing regulations?
  • Exhausted by the administrative burden of COI management?

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Let HealthStream support you and your staff in saving time, streamlining disclosure distribution, and easing the admin burdens of the COI management process with our Conflict of Interest system.

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