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Is your staff achieving their care coordination goals?

Effective and appropriate case management is essential to establishing positive patient outcomes and, ultimately, affecting the financial efficacy for the organization. With so many duties, limited time and ever-changing reimbursement models, accomplishing all case management duties can seem overwhelming and frustrating. Having a proven case management training program in place could mean less turnover, a decreased chance of audits and a better patient experience.
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Improve your bottom line with case management

We understand that case managers must ensure quality care for their patients while making decisions and taking actions which affect overall patient care as well as your organization’s reimbursement. Effective training is crucial to the success of your organization and FinThrive Case Management/Utilization Review training addresses key coordination issues and mitigates risk.

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Healthcare revenue cycle leaders can leverage Case Management Education to:

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Develop staff to effectively communicate with patients

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Implement hospital quality initiatives

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Receive accurate reimbursements and optimize cash flow



  • Provides education for the Two-Midnight Rule and the NOTICE Act, denial management and prevention, hospital quality initiatives, reducing readmissions, and transitions of care.


  • Addresses key care coordination issues
  • Mitigates financial and compliance risk
  • Provides certification prep courses and transition maps for any hard to fill positions

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As a healthcare revenue cycle leader, are you:

  • Certain your staff is consistently providing competent case management?
  • Frustrated about coordination issues within medical records?
  • Looking for ways to reduce costs and save time? 
  • Looking to engage and retain your top talent?

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See for yourself how Case Management training can help your organization develop staff, save time and money, improve the quality of care and increase confidence

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